Why MV Transportation?
Right trip, right time, right price.


You want your agencies’ needs to be clearly understood.

Your needs are unique, complex and must be clarified before a solution is designed that takes into account community needs, your city and local vision, the realities of budgets, compliance and the law, labor forces, and new ways of working enabled by technology. It is only once we understand all the dynamics of your service and situation that we determine the right model and implementation plan that will deliver the right trip at the right time at the right price. 

You want the benefits of scale.

The breadth of our client experience and partnerships gives us the kind of scale that can enable favorable pricing, unique partnerships, service guarantees and product customization. We tailor to your specific needs, while bringing you scalable solutions that are proven to deliver successful outcomes. 

You want the benefits of flexibility.

There is no single way of working with us. Because we tailor our solutions to your needs, we can flex with you as you grow or change direction. Many of our clients have started a single service with us and have expanded with us over time. 

You want the best people.

Be it a new service or a transition, we know how to bring all the elements to play – starting with hiring the best leaders and people. From leadership management to employee development to labor relations, we put our best foot forward when staffing your service. Centralized recruiting teams, qualifications specialists, training staff, and labor relations experts all contribute to our ongoing commitment to labor harmony and professional excellence. Accountability is key. Through KPI reporting and analysis across MV, we know at all times where to look to solve problems quickly and efficiently for our clients. Custom reports and monitoring tools give us the data needed to guide our decision making. 

You want to transition seamlessly.

Over the past 40 + years, there is no transition scenario that we have not experienced. From transitioning services within a few hours to minimize disruption in emergency scenarios, to transitioning large and complex services in phases, we have seen it all— and we do not rest until the transition is complete and successful. Our most senior and experienced operations and technology leaders are frequently stationed at our operations in the first few weeks of service to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

You want safety to be an outcome, not just a program.

Safety lives in the hearts and minds of all our employees and we continuously work to challenge each other with new initiatives and ideas for improving safety outcomes. At MV, we cherish and reward our safety culture, and will bring the same to your service.

Our national preventive safety program trains and guides each employee, focusing on:

  • Process initiatives that adhere to regulatory compliance processes that to ensure safe operating conditions.
  • Strategic initiatives that define company standard approaches to safety management and operation.
  • Data initiatives that use critical data points to define our performance and tell us where we need to improve.

You want the best tools and solutions in the most cost-effective way.

Our experience with leveraging and integrating third-party tools, solutions, and providers is unsurpassed. If there is an existing industry-standard solution that works (at the right price), we will integrate it. Otherwise, we have a specialized technology team that builds custom solutions, or that can work with external partners to collaboratively bring the right solution to each client. Either way, we keep your needs at the center and do what is best for you. 

You want to work with experts.

Behind the scenes are transit experts in operations, human resources, labor relations, finance, procurement, legal, technology, strategic partnerships, and marketing to ensure that you get the best of every aspect of your service. We have an incredible team that is here just for you.

You want to know what the latest trends and ideas are.

As an industry leader, it is incumbent upon us to stay current with trends and developments that will deliver greater efficiencies and better experiences to our clients and passengers. We regularly draw on available industry data and research, as well as our own, to determine the very best ways to operate your service. With deep partnerships and connections across the industry, we can provide current and effective guidance on all service-related issues.

You want us to be a reflection of you.

Once our team is up and running on the ground, they become your team, and will reflect your values. Over time, our people become an intrinsic part of your community, treating passengers like family and friends. We pride ourselves on the strength of those relationships, and the fact that we do care about the passenger experience. 

You want commitment, and transparency in communications.

 At MV, our clients are at the center of everything we do, and all of the decisions we make. Our senior leaders are here for you, to ensure that any issues that require their attention are immediately acknowledged. They track key performance indicators daily via a dashboard so there is complete transparency and actions can be taken to get ahead of issues, not just remediate them.

You want outcomes.

 Holding ourselves accountable to the promises we make is core to our beliefs. At our expense, clients receive a Voice of the Customer interview once service is up and running to determine how we can improve. Senior leaders across our organization review the results of these interviews and we develop improvement plans within the scope of our contracts to address any issues. Of clients who have participated in our survey process, 93% have renewed their contracts because we have been able to effectively isolate improvements and act upon them.