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Operational Expertise

MV is a safe pair of hands for your transportation needs with a proven track record of more than 40 years and over 200 active engagements with expertise in scheduling, dispatch, maintenance, and driver operations.

Whether it’s starting up a new service or transitioning from another contractor or self-managed model, MV maintains a programmatic approach encompassing the following areas to ensure we determine the right model and implementation plan that will deliver the right trip, at the right time, at the right price.

Analysis and Planning

We determine where to gain the greatest opportunities for service improvement: staffing, run cutting, scheduling, fleet financing, brokered services, piloting a new service, or introducing a new technology.

Solution Design

We creatively design the best possible service model for each client, allowing for a holistic approach that considers community needs, your city and local vision, budgets, labor forces, as well as new ways of working enabled by technology. Thanks to our breadth of expertise, we can bring the right level of support as you need from us to meet your service needs. In addition to full traditional service, we can offer standalone call center management and approaches to capacity management that can improve service and reduce cost.

Call Center Management

There are times when the right solution for your service is a specialized call center managed by people who understand your unique transit needs. MV can help you design the perfect call center to optimize all of the contractors in your service network.

Hiring and Retention

We hire people to pursue careers, not just jobs. Following onboarding and thorough training, we closely monitor engagement, deliver programs for continuous professional development, and practice performance-based decision making to ensure we retain the best. We also provide labor relations expertise and services to our clients.


Operating some of the industry’s largest and most complex electric vehicle deployments,MV develops practical and sustainable alternative fuel and electric vehicle strategies with expertise in operations, maintenance, charging strategy, route optimization and rollout planning. 

Regulatory Compliance

With more than 40 years of experience contracting with government entities, MV’s proficiency and commitment to regulatory compliance is steadfast. The company works with its customers to ensure complete compliance with local, state, and federal requirements in all areas of its operation.

Transition Management

Over the past 40 plus years, there is no transition scenario that we have not experienced. From transitioning services within a few hours to minimize disruption in emergency scenarios, to transitioning large and complex services in phases, we have seen it all— and we do not rest until the transition is complete and successful. Our most senior and experienced operations and technology leaders are frequently stationed at our operations in the first few weeks of service to ensure everything runs smoothly.


So often we find that a lack of awareness can compromise investments in transportation service. We can help by reaching the right people in your community with the right message to increase awareness and help manage participation.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to working closely with each customer to identify and implement the best possible ideas and solutions that drive increased safety, efficiencies, passenger service and satisfaction. This includes a regular cadence of ideation meetings, client and passenger satisfaction surveys, as well as transparent reporting and communications.


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Safety & Training

Every MV employee starts their day reading or listening to the same safety message—a reminder to more than 20,000 team members that safety comes first. Every meeting begins with a safety message, a persistent and constant reminder that nothing comes before safety. We believe it is our duty and obligation to keep every person safe both inside and outside of the vehicles we operate. This focus drives everything we do.

Safety-enabling, preventative technologies and training programs

We design, initiate, and run a comprehensive safety program that includes:

  • National safety operations team and network of regional safety directors providing oversight and conducting regular audits to uphold our stringent standards.
  • Video-based coaching with predictive analytics that prevent collisions before they happen.
  • Collision avoidance technology that gives drivers real-time prompts to address dangerous situations right before they happen.
  • Customized operator training programs based on local needs.
  • Ongoing analysis of driver and unit performance data to identify trends and isolate root causes.


What you can expect from us: Training, Prevention & Monitoring, Auditing, Reporting, Insurance & Risk Management

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We maximize fleet availability and the safety, reliability, and cleanliness of each vehicle with a time-proven preventative and predictive maintenance program. With a network of over 100 maintenance facilities, our teams respond to the toughest repairs and rebuilds and maintain competitive costs through national procurement relationships.

Safeguarding your investment with an integrated approach to maintenance

Our comprehensive maintenance program includes:

  • Best-in-class maintenance practices developed in concert with original equipment manufacturer partners.
  • MV targeted standards that meet or exceed state, federal, and environmental requirements.
  • Robust training programs tailored to local needs.
  • National maintenance operations team and network of regional directors providing oversight and conducting regular audits to uphold our stringent standards.
  • Data-driven predictive maintenance program that prevents out-of-service incidents before they happen.


What you can expect from us: Fleet management, Facility management, Audits, Inspections, Procurement, Cleaning

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Advanced Technology

With a focus on route optimization, operational efficiency, safety analytics, and passenger-facing tools, MV leverages deep expertise and systems integration with the leading transit management and reporting technologies.

Technology integration and software expertise

We pride ourselves on bringing technology specialists to your service who can diagnose, assess, and implement the right mix of programs and solutions. We are hands-on, dedicated, and responsive to your needs. From simple project management all the way through to coding, we are a valuable partner to make your whole technology environment work.


What you can expect from us: Diagnostics, project management, software and implementation specialists, troubleshooting

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MV Kudos

"MV has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to customer service and operational efficiency. We are pleased to extend our partnership with a shared focus on improving and enhancing mobility throughout the community."

– Adrian Aguilar, Santa Clarita City Transit Manager

“MV has consistently demonstrated its reliability and commitment to providing positive customer service.”

– Mike Greenwood, Chief Operations Officer, Access Services 

“MV Transportation is safe, reliable and responsive. Putnam County has developed a partnership that provides affordable and consistently dependable transportation services for our residents. The personal attention to every detail helps make my job as the transit manager easy. MV is extraordinary in every aspect of transit service.”

– Vincent Tamagna, Chairman Transportation Advisory /Director Transportation, Putnam County, NY

“MV’s more than 15-year commitment to the success of our system is critical as we continue our work to grow ridership and improve mobility throughout the Tri-Valley community.”

– Michael Tree, LAVTA Executive Director 

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