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Transit Management Platforms

MV brings innovation and automation to transit operations

MV implements, enhances and maintains industry leading cloud-based transportation management platforms that often encompass passenger and driver applications as well as rules-based trip scheduling engines that optimize trip routing, reservations, dispatch, live trip tracking, and detailed reporting. MV deploys fully integrated solutions that meet the unique needs of individual customers, delivering optimal flexibility with more control and less cost for your fixed-route, paratransit, on-demand, and commuter shuttle deployments. Further, MV’s rapid transition approach provides accelerated, cost-effective, and secure integration and deployment.


MV can deploy third party uniquely branded and user-friendly mobile applications and web-based portals used to enter trip origin, destination and request a ride. Passengers are provided details on their vehicle and can monitor its location while they wait and while en route to their destination.


Drivers access electronic trip manifests to view pick up and drop off times and locations, passenger details and shared ride information, and to update trip status. Dispatchers know where the vehicles are in real-time and can adjust to the constant changes that present themselves during the day.


MV delivers out-of-the box operational portals that provide you with a centralized dashboard for managing your fleet details, routes and service areas, passenger eligibility requirements and status, and specific stop locations. These operational intelligence platforms support daily operations including adding and modifying runs, updating shift start and end times, making trip adjustments to avoid late or missed pick-ups, and providing real-time fleet tracking.  Additionally, MV’s team of data analysis experts can empower your decision-making by consolidating your fractured data sources into a user-friendly environment, creating a powerful business intelligence platform.

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