Fixed-Route Services

We serve diverse communities—from small, rural fixed-route services to large, high-profile systems. Across these systems, our clients share the same goal: safe, reliable, predictable, easy-to-use, cost-effective service. MV operates fixed-route, flex-route, commuter bus, bus rapid transit, and shuttle services throughout North America.

MV-developed designs can include innovative new solutions that:

Introduce first- and last-mile service
It is possible within today’s fixed route systems to introduce smaller, more flexible routes that connect more people to your service and other transportation modes such as rail. Through partnerships, MV can bring your service scalable first- and last-mile solutions that run in tandem with your fixed-route service and increase overall passenger usage and satisfaction.

Eliminate and replace underperforming routes
Making changes to existing routes can be expensive and time-consuming, and require careful management to avoid confusion and dissatisfied passengers. MV can help by identifying underperforming routes and replacing them with smaller, flexible routes that serve specific community needs.

Transition to zero-emission
There is no one-size-fits-all template for zero-emission fleet transition.  MV develops practical and sustainable alternative fuel strategies that meet your unique circumstances with expertise in operations, maintenance, charging strategy, route optimization and rollout planning. 

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MV brings innovation and automation to transit operations

MV implements, enhances and maintains industry leading cloud-based transportation management platforms that often encompass passenger and driver applications as well as rules-based trip scheduling engines that optimize trip routing, reservations, dispatch, live trip tracking, and detailed reporting.  MV deploys fully integrated solutions that meet the unique needs of individual customers, delivering optimal flexibility with more control and less cost for your fixed-route, paratransit, on-demand, and commuter shuttle deployments. Further, MV’s rapid transition approach provides accelerated, cost-effective, and secure integration and deployment.

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MV is a safe pair of hands for your transportation needs with a proven track of more than 40 years and over 200 active engagements with expertise in scheduling, dispatch, maintenance, and driver operations.

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Every MV employee starts their day reading or listening to the same safety message—a reminder to more than 20,000 team members that safety comes first. Every meeting begins with a safety message, a persistent and constant reminder that nothing comes before safety.

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We maximize fleet availability and the safety, reliability, and cleanliness of each vehicle with a time-proven preventative and predictive maintenance program. With a network of over 100 maintenance facilities, our teams respond to the toughest repairs and rebuilds and maintain competitive costs through national procurement relationships.

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With a focus on route optimization, operational efficiency, safety analytics, and passenger-facing tools, MV leverages deep expertise and systems integration with the leading transit management and reporting technologies.

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