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Today transit agencies and transportation organizations are faced with a need for increasing levels of transit and technology expertise, innovation, and investment required to meet ever-evolving passenger needs with flexibility and agility – all with limited and constrained budgets.  Transportation solutions are no longer limited to the efficient operation of a dedicated fleet of vehicles – but instead involve the complex integration of software, work processes, data analysis, and an expanded level of personalization required to reach and serve passengers.

To support this need, MV offers a portfolio of professional services that combine our deep transit industry experience and operational and technology expertise.  Our services impact critical aspects of transit operations, including improving the passenger experience, driving increased operational efficiency, and ensuring compliance to FTA and ADA regulations. 

Available Services

The MV professional service portfolio includes project-based services, ongoing support agreements, and staff augmentation aligned to the following critical areas of transportation services:

  • Transit Planning – Short and long-term capacity planning, scheduling, and route optimization for fixed-route, paratransit, and on-demand service models.   Our team of professionals can develop route and schedule adjustments that support seasonal changes, improve passenger satisfaction, address driver scheduling needs, and review opportunities for deadhead reduction. 
  • Microtransit Services – Whether implementing first- and last-mile connections for commuters or expanding service to underserved communities, MV’s on-demand and microtransit services can help attract new riders and provide greater flexibility for those using transit today.  MV’s planning and mapping experts identify optimal transit zones and underserved areas within a geographic region.  MV then develops and implements the technology and software solution that best fits agency and passenger needs and provides ongoing performance monitoring.
  • Technology Solutions – MV maintains a deep level of expertise and strategic partnerships with the leading transportation software platform providers so we can manage the technology for you.  As an example, MV maintains the largest number of Trapeze users across both “on-premise” and multi-customer cloud deployments.  Our services span contact center management, technology assessments and solution deployment, and tiered support for operational and in-vehicle hardware and software.
  • Zero-emission Transit Planning – MV leverages its expertise and extensive partner network to develop a zero-emission strategy and roadmap that meets your unique objectives. The MV team can develop your Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) plan, provide data analysis and consultative guidance for infrastructure build out, identify capital planning and financing solutions and develop transit routes tuned for electric and zero-emission bus fleets. 
  • Route Mapping – MV can help you keep up with ever-evolving city and street changes by developing new GIS maps or updating your existing profiles, ensuring you always meet the needs of your passengers and maintain compliance to FTA and ADA guidelines.
  • Decision Support – MV’s team of data scientists transform your historical and current data into actionable business intelligence.  Our solutions integrate with your existing software investments to consume and visualize data, helping targeted roles in your organization make timely and impactful decisions.  We also offer advanced skills in machine learning and algorithm-based rules development to provide you with predictive modeling.
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MV brings innovation and automation to transit operations

MV implements, enhances and maintains industry leading cloud-based transportation management platforms that often encompass passenger and driver applications as well as rules-based trip scheduling engines that optimize trip routing, reservations, dispatch, live trip tracking, and detailed reporting.  MV deploys fully integrated solutions that meet the unique needs of individual customers, delivering optimal flexibility with more control and less cost for your fixed-route, paratransit, on-demand, and commuter shuttle deployments. Further, MV’s rapid transition approach provides accelerated, cost-effective, and secure integration and deployment.

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MV is a safe pair of hands for your transportation needs with a proven track of more than 40 years and over 200 active engagements with expertise in scheduling, dispatch, maintenance, and driver operations.

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Every MV employee starts their day reading or listening to the same safety message—a reminder to more than 20,000 team members that safety comes first. Every meeting begins with a safety message, a persistent and constant reminder that nothing comes before safety.

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We maximize fleet availability and the safety, reliability, and cleanliness of each vehicle with a time-proven preventative and predictive maintenance program. With a network of over 100 maintenance facilities, our teams respond to the toughest repairs and rebuilds and maintain competitive costs through national procurement relationships.

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With a focus on route optimization, operational efficiency, safety analytics, and passenger-facing tools, MV leverages deep expertise and systems integration with the leading transit management and reporting technologies.

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