PVTA Awards Paratransit Contract To MV Transportation

MV will oversee the agency’s ADA paratransit and senior Dial-A-Ride van service

SPRINGFIELD, MA (May 24, 2021) - The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) has awarded a contract to MV Transportation to provide ADA Paratransit and Dial-A-Ride services starting July 1, 2021. MV will operate under an initial two-year contract that allows for up to three consecutive (1) one-year renewal periods, if approved by both parties.  

MV Transportation is the largest privately owned transportation services contracting firm in the United States and the largest operator of on-demand services in the country. Supporting over 200 organizations in the U.S. and Canada, including New York City, Las Angeles, and Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority. MV's Springfield management team will bring decades of paratransit experience with expertise in improving the rider experience, controlling costs, and improving services by leveraging new technology to create efficiencies and improve operations. 
PVTA's solicitation for a paratransit provider required bidders to have management teams with paratransit expertise, transparency in operations, leading safety programs, excellent customer service, and a labor plan that directly addresses the wellbeing of its employees.  We also specified that contractors must be able to provide a seamless transition with no disruption in service.  
"We look forward to our partnership with MV Transportation and utilizing their extensive paratransit service experience as we continue to ensure that our commitment to providing the highest quality of convenient accessible public transportation service meets the needs of our riders in an efficient and cost-effective manner” said PVTA Spokeswomen, Brandy Pelletier. 
Under the terms of the contract, MV Transportation will provide safe and reliable Paratransit ADA and Senior Dial-A-Ride services within PVTA's service area. PVTA's paratransit service is curb-to-curb, shared-ride service (door-to-door assistance may be requested when making a trip reservation) for individuals with a disability that prevents them from using the accessible fixed route bus. MV will also continue to provide Dial-A-Ride services for adults aged 60 and over throughout much of our service area.  
MV Transportation was chosen, in part, because of their effective corporate support of local operations and their significant transition experience. To ensure a seamless transition, MV Transportation created a dedicated team, the Transformation and Change Management Office. This team supports the local management and sets a pace for planning and execution that ensures a smooth transition process.  In the past year, this team has transitioned nine services. In each instance, the changeover was led by a department whose sole focus is implementing new contracts, technologies, and programs. PVTA and MV Transportation are committed to ensuring a seamless transition for riders. We expect that riders will notice few, if any, changes.  Trips will still be scheduled as they are now, using the current phone number, 413-739-7436.  
PVTA and MV Transportation have committed to retain existing staff during this transition and throughout our partnership. There continues to be a need for additional drivers as we emerge from the pandemic. MV Transportation is currently recruiting drivers. Interested applicants can submit a resume at this link: https://careers.mvtransit.com/ or they can submit resumes via email to: mvdiv89.recruitment@mvtransit.com 
About the PVTA
The PVTA is the largest regional transit authority in Massachusetts with 189 buses, 150 vans and 24 participating member communities. Additional information about the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority may be found at www.pvta.com or by calling 1-877-779-7882. 

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