Across North America and Canada, every MV employee starts their day reading and/or listening to the same safety message—a reminder to more than 20,000 people that safety comes first. Every MV meeting begins with a safety message, a persistent and constant reminder that nothing comes before safety.

It is our duty and obligation to keep every person safe both inside and outside of the vehicles we operate. This focus drives everything we do. At MV, safety is a culture, not just a program.

Led by experts who work within each of our operations to ensure we uphold our stringent standards, we implement national training programs, reviews and audits to maintain consistency— and to ensure we are doing everything we can to create the safest environments possible for our passengers and employees. 

Because safety is a culture, it receives continuous attention and investment in partnerships with innovative safety technology companies. Our longstanding and deep partnerships with Drivecam and Mobileye are great examples. Integration of these sophisticated driver behavior monitoring and alert tools enables us to be proactive about safety, particularly in training and remediation.

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