We seamlessly bring together all components required to meet your needs into a simple to manage, comprehensive transportation system.  Often, we leverage the work of partners to do so.  Working with partners helps us to ensure that we bring the best of breed software, hardware, and services together for your operation. We work proactively to find and integrate with these various partners so that you don’t have to, but if you have someone in mind for us to work with at your agency we can do that too.

Expertise that we bring from preferred partners includes:

  • Dispatch center tools
  • Analytics run-cutting & reporting tools
  • Vehicle hardware and location tracking
  • Microtransit 
  • IT infrastructure
  • Safety technology
  • Transportation Network companies
  • Autonomous vehicle companies
  • Local taxi companies and car services
  • Vehicle and parts suppliers
  • Vehicle maintenance

For more information about becoming an MV preferred partner, please contact

Partners in the spotlight


Trapeze and Trip Spark provide public transit agencies total end-to-end software solutions for Paratransit service. Users can create optimized routes, automatically generate trips and schedules as well as manage employees and vehicles. Trapeze and Trip Spark both have powerful reporting tools supporting NTD (National Transit Database) and federal funding agency requirements. The data collected by these systems allows agencies to offer a higher level of service, reduce inefficiencies, increase ridership and build a long-term transit plan. 

Our partnership with Trapeze and Trip Spark has helped agencies operate more efficiently while providing superior service to customers.  Through this partnership, we have the unique ability to:

  • Provide deep operational expertise in all Trapeze/Trip Spark Modules for agencies who own these products
  • Recommend different Trapeze/Trip Spark modules to agencies to optimize operational efficiencies
  • Provide a hosted Trapeze/Trip Spark environment for customers interested in procuring a fully-loaded, full-featured automated scheduling system but who do not have the ability to host it themselves

Our Trapeze and Trip Spark expert team standa ready to help your agency get the best out of these programs. With more than ten former Trapeze and Trip Spark employees working within our organization, and over 75 active deployments, you will not get more experience in these programs anywhere. 

Fixed Route

Syncromatics offers a modular end-to-end software solution for Fixed Route bus service.  Syncromatics’ array of transportation technologies include cloud-hosted CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch)/AVL (Automated Vehicle Location) dispatch software, real-time passenger information, automated passenger counters and annunciators with web-based reporting and configuration tools, on-board Wi-Fi, and robust tools for managing real-time information displays.  Syncromatics software and hardware solutions allow customers to mix and match components that suit their particular needs, or develop an extensive system over time.

By partnering with a Fixed Route industry leader, we are able to bring cost-effective, advanced technology to public transportation agencies across North America and Canada.

Business Intelligence

Transit Miner is a cloud based business intelligence tool (dashboard) specifically designed for ADA Paratransit by people with decades of operational experience. Transit Miner uses data already in transit agencies’ possession and turns that data into actionable information.  Transit Miner tracks real-time, historical and future service exceptions. Leveraging this information results in an improved passenger experience and a reduction in cost.

MV has partnered with 2G Transit, offering Transit Miner reporting and dashboards at many client locations.  Transit Miner works in conjunction with agencies’ scheduling software, extending the reporting and dashboarding capabilities.  Unlike other solutions that are only compatible with one data source, Transit Miner is compatible with all major brand software. Additionally, Transit Miner can combine data from multiple software sources to form a more comprehensive picture of transit operations.