An American Success Story

MV Transportation, Inc. began with Feysan and Alex Lodde’s determination to help their community’s most vulnerable citizens.

In 1975, realizing the limited transportation options for the elderly and  people with disabilities, the Loddes began providing transportation services throughout San Francisco—at that time one of the least accessible cities in the U.S. Feysan recounts carrying her passengers in her arms down several flights of stairs, as buildings often were not equipped with elevators. All too frequently, her pickups were the first time many of her passengers were able to leave their apartments.

Feysan and Alex started this service because it was the right thing to do for members of the community who seemed to be forgotten. This commitment to people remains firmly in place throughout MV today.

By 1990, the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act was passed, mandating comparable transportation for passengers with disabilities. With 15 years of experience in this specialized mode of transport, MV stood ready to provide transportation solutions at scale on behalf of municipalities and transit agencies.

Today, MV still operates under its founders’ guiding principles. The needs of people drive our company, literally and figuratively.  People come first—always. And that means providing the right mobility services at the right time and at the right price.

MV has grown, now representing more than 200 public transit agencies and private companies in performing their passenger transportation service in both the U.S. and Canada. We are proud to be the largest privately owned transportation company in North America, providing paratransit, fixed route, shuttle and school bus services

Our experience and commitment to quality will greatly benefit your service. In partnership with you, we will share new ideas, bring new technologies, and explore new ways to improve mobility in your community.

Customer Profile  

MV operates transportation on behalf of a number of entities across the nation.

  • City & County Governments 
    Transit Departments, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Multi-City Consortiums 
  • Special-Purpose Districts 
    Chartered Counties, Governmental Districts, Transit Agencies, Transit Districts, School Districts, Airports Authorities 
  • Federal Agencies
  • Private Entities
    Universities, Private Companies, Hospitals, Hotels, Casinos